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    Ozone generators for the marine industry

    General odour elimination e.g. in conference rooms or dining halls, for eliminating nicotine or food odours. The ozone machine should be used at night, as nobody must enter the room during the procedure. Alternatively the ozone generator can be controlled by an ozone monitor to ensure a safe ozone level.

    Odour elimination in cabins / hotel rooms: the Airmaster ozone unit eliminates unwanted odours in cabins and hotel rooms quickly and effectively. Body odours and odours caused by nicotine, smoke or perfume are eliminated permanently.

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    Exhaust air treatment for grey and black water, ozone unit with a hose connection. The ozone unit is connected to the exhaust air duct, especially to eliminate odours and grease. This minimises problems with guests who are bothered by unpleasant smells.

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    We recommend our Wood´s Airmaster with ozone tubes, robust units that can also be used in harsh environments and which also have the option of a hose connection.


    During an ozone treatment you should not enter the area being treated, as ozone is harmful for the airways.
    Brief ozone exposure (e.g. in refuse rooms etc.) is not harmful.

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