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    Ozone generators for fire and water damage

    The Wood´s Airmaster ozone generators are used for professional odour elimination. Our most powerful ozone machines are used in particular for treatment after fire and water damage.

    A high ozone concentration is required in the case of fire and water damage. Our most potent models (ozone production 2000-6000mg/hour, depending on the model) are suitable for this task. There are two different series, each with different technologies and advantages.

    Wood´s Airmaster with ceramic plate technology – simple and cost-effective. The technology used is ceramic plates.

    Wood´s Airmaster with ozone tube technology – our most powerful series, which uses ceramic tubes. This technology allows the unit to be used in harsh and humid environments. The lifespan of the ceramic tubes exceeds that of ceramic plates. It is even possible to attach a hose to the ozone generator, to enable the elimination of odours in areas that are difficult to access (such as under floors, in wall cavities or in ventilation systems).

    How to use the Wood´s Airmaster ozone generator in the case of fire and water damage

    1. Preparation:
    The room must first be dehumidified with a professional dehumidifier. Any mould and damaged building material must be removed, as well as rubble and soot.

    2. Ozone treatment:
    Place the ozone generator in the middle of the affected room (e.g. on a slightly elevated surface, as ozone is heavier than air and sinks). Switch on the ozone generator and set the timer to the required time (models with a timer).

    3. Duration of treatment:
    Varies considerably – depending on the degree of damage it can take a day to a week.

    4. After the ozone treatment:
    Switch off the ozone generator and open the windows. Let the remaining ozone escape (smells like chlorine). Check the room. If unwanted odours persist, repeat the procedure. All affected rooms must be treated separately.


    During an ozone treatment you should not enter the area being treated, as ozone is harmful for the airways.
    Brief ozone exposure (e.g. in refuse rooms etc.) is not harmful.

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