Ozone generator
What are ozone generators used for?

Ozone units are used for odour removal in restaurants, kitchens, garbage rooms, and hygiene areas, as well as for smoke/odour remediation of cars, caravans, summer cottages, hotel rooms, and homes.

What should I think about before an ozone treatment?

Clean the room properly, vacuum and wipe all surfaces, and/or repair/remove the problem that caused the odour. Remove pets and plants. Remove valuable high-tech equipment, e.g. laptops and valuable oil paintings. Make sure no people are present in the room.

How do I ozone a space?

Place the ozone generator in the center of the room (preferably on a slightly raised surface, such as a table). Switch on the ozone generator and set the timer to the desired time (models with one timer).

What should I think about when my ozone treatment is finished?

Turn off the ozone generator and open the windows. Let the remaining ozone come out (smells like chlorine). Check the room. Repeat the procedure if the unwanted odours persist. All affected rooms must be treated separately.