Wood’s contributes to Akelius’ challenge

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    We now have terrible and incomprehensible news from the war in Ukraine

    One million, over two percent of the population, have fled Ukraine since the Russian invasion less than a week ago, according to the UN refugee agency UNHCR.

    ( Maja Nilsson 3 March 2022)

    The war in Ukraine is affecting the civilian population very hard. We now receive terrible and incomprehensible news from the war and have chosen to contribute to Roger Akelius’ challenge which means that Akelius will double the collection to Ukraine.

    Foto REUTERS/Alexander Ermochenko

    The Akelius Foundation supports the work of UNICEF and UNHCR in Ukraine by doubling the money donated to the organizations. This means that each gift from individuals and companies is worth twice as much.

    “We see a big effect in Akelius doubling”, says Patrik Tedsjö CEO and adds: A fantastic initiative that we want to contribute to and donate SEK 500,000 from Wood’s.

    We hope that this can be a way to alleviate the worst need in the current situation, says CEO Patrik Tedsjö.

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