About air cleaning

Woods ELFI-300 (AL300 -series)

Overall superior energy efficiency in large Test of Air Purifier! Test facts have tested air purifiers in Sweden. Wood´s is in the absolute top of all tested air purifiers. Among the absolute best in air cleaning, CADR, (ie how much clean air the machine provides). Woods Elfi 300 is totally superior in how much pure air it produces at the lowest price, in the form of spent energy. (CADR / Watt) Woods Elfi 300 has an energy efficiency that is almost twice as good, compared to the machine that came second in the tests and 3-16 times better than several others in the tests. (Low energy consumption also means that the machine emits much less heat compared to machines that draw a lot of power, which can be very important in one bedroom).Woods Elfi 300 is completely infinitely adjustable and can be set below 30 dB (A). Woods ELFI 300, manufactured in Sweden we are convinced of our quality and provide up to 10 years warranty on the product at regular filter changes. Read more at warranty-woods.com
You find the test below (in swedish) Testfakta

Poor air quality indoors

The air indoors are often much worse than the outside air. This is in part because of pollution entering our well-insulated houses and apartments without exiting again. But we also bring a lot of particles to inside air from chemicals, clothes, pets, smoking and dust.

We spend a lot of time indoors, especially during the winter, where the air is worse than outside.

Bad air makes us sick

High levels of air particles can be linked to a number of serious diseases. Apart from allergies and asthmas, bad air can also be linked to cancer, stroke, heart and vascular diseases, as well as respiratory disease. According to the WHO, air pollution is the cause of 7 million premature deaths globally each year.

Wood’s air purifiers remove harmful particles from the air

When using an air purifier, you remove the harmful air particles from the household air. Instead of inhaling the particles, they are caught by the air cleaner’s filters. Breathing clean air has many benefits and will make you feel stronger, healthier and more refreshed.

Quiet, energy saving and efficient air cleaners

An air purifier from Wood’s can run every hour of the day, every day of the year, and still not consume more than 26 kWh over the entire year.

That is 4 times less than a low energy light bulb being used the same way.

Wood’s believe that the clean air today should not come at the expense of clean air tomorrow. That is why Wood’s air purifiers are made of sustainable materials and have the lowest energy consumption.

Wood’s air purifiers are innovated, developed and manufactured in Sweden – from the sheet metal of the body and the filters, to the final assembly. Around the world, Swedish products are known for quality and durability – a legacy we are proud to carry on.

How do Wood’s air purifiers work?

Wood’s air purifers use ionization to attract and catch air particles. By ionizing the air particles as they enter the air purifer, the particles are given a light positive charge.

This makes the particles stick together making them more easily caught. The air particles are also attracted to oppositely charged surfaces.

  • An energy saving fan circulates the air in the room and draws it through the air purifier.
  • As the air particles enters the air purifier, they are given a light positive charge. This attracts them to oppositely charged surfaces.
  • The Active ION HEPA filters are ionized in production. The negatively charged filters attract and catch the ionized particles.


Wood’s Active ION HEPA filters

Apart from exceptional cleaning capacity, the unique Active ION HEPA filters allow for great airflow and very low energy consumption and noise levels. The Active ION HEPA filters are pre-ionized and can therefore be much sparser than traditional filters. This allows the air to flow almost freely through the filter and still come out free from particles.

  • The air particles are ionized when they enter the air purifier and given a negative charge. The ionized Active ION HEPA filters attract and catch the charged particles.
  • Active ION HEPA filters are less dense than traditional HEPA filters, with the same purification results. Less dense filters means much less energy consumption and lower noise levels as the air flow isn’t blocked.
  • Capacity: 99,98% filtration down to particle size 0,0003 mm (50 times smaller than bacteria).