Prevent moisture problems, damp and mildew with Wood’s dehumidifiers.

Wood’s has manufactures dehumidifiers since 1950. That gives us more than 65 years experience of battling mildew, damp and excessive moisture.

Wood’s dehumidifiers are reliable, energy efficient, and built to handle demanding environments and to last for many years. Wood’s has a wide range of dehumidifiers, with specific models designed for different usage areas. So regardless of your needs, you will find what you are looking for at Wood’s!

Wood’s dehumidifiers are controlled by a humidistat, which means that they’ll run depending on the relative humidity level of the air. When the humidity level rises, the dehumidifier will automatically start, and will only run when the relative humidity level exceeds your set value. This is the most reliable and energy efficient way to remove excess moisture, damp and mildew.

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Remove bad odour and pollution with Wood’s air purifiers.

Wood’s air purifiers are made in our factory in Alingsås, Sweden, and almost every part of the air purifiers come from Swedish suppliers. Wood’s air cleaners are built around a patented filtration technique that ensures exceptional cleaning capacity without blocking the air flow. That means that energy consumption and noise level are kept as low as possible.

Wood’s air purifiers remove pollen, dust, exhaust fumes, pet dander, pollution and other harmful particles from the household air. If you equip the air purifier with one of Wood’s powerful carbon filters, you will also remove bad odour and gases from the air.

Wood’s has a long history of developing air cleaning solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industry and applies the same high standards on the air cleaner used in your home. Wood’s air purifiers are very efficient and are delivered with a 10 year warranty program.

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