Wood’s Story

    Wood’s lineage traces 70 years to the Canadian city of Guelph in Ontario, where the company began manufacturing dehumidifiers in 1950.

    In 2012, Wood’s Production acquired the Wood’s brand for Europe and the Nordic region, and quickly became a leading supplier of air care in the Nordic market. Wood’s Production is an expert brand in air care with its own brands and subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, and France.

    During this time, Wood’s organizes into several business areas with operations in various industries and markets. Through a high degree of collaboration, functional partnerships are created for a broader base of expansion, and a greater opportunity to realize internal synergies. To drive growth and be at the forefront, the brand focuses on innovation and sustainable solutions. With new EU standards for HFC-free refrigerant, Wood’s production moves from Canada to Sweden in 2018, through the inauguration of their factory in May 2018, in Mariestad  Sweden.

    Great advantages are seen moving production to Sweden with a production area of 35,000 m2, incl. certain storage space. The cutting-edge expertise and high-tech equipment required are available at the local level, which leads to efficiencies and drives development.

    We see that Wood’s will be able to produce larger volumes as the factory has much greater volume potential compared to the previous one in Canada. With the move from Canada, we are closer to our market. Another great advantage is that we were able to expand our responsibility and take care of the substance supply and all the components of the products. This has become a reality thanks to the fact that we have good partners. Many of the components are manufactured by subcontractors in Sweden.

    For 70 years, Wood’s has been characterized as a supplier of premium solutions in the market for air purification to both consumers and industry. Today, Wood’s is distributed in more than 19 countries from our head office in Alingsås.


    Environmental responsibility

    The environmental aspect is an important part of our work and is requested by all our customers. Through the new facility and the proximity between the various functions in the supply chain, we also avoid long and emission-heavy transports. With a clear environmental responsibility and with technological innovation at the forefront, Wood’s wants to further strengthen and improve production and availability for Europe. Since its inception, Wood’s has helped millions of households prevent moisture and mold damage, and breathe cleaner air.

    One of the market’s broadest programs

    Whether the need is to get rid of moisture, clean the air, clean up odours, or add cold, all in all – the same conditions apply; fact-based mapping of the area to be able to put together the point efforts where they are needed.