Wood’s Vienna HSW100 Helping Humidify Museums

    Museums hold the history and knowledge of our world. They are a culmination of sanctuary and school, a place to reflect, research, and admire. They also play a crucial role in conserving local culture, ancient art, and antiquities through careful documentation and artefact preservation.

    Preservation of artefacts

    Many museums’ artefacts are displayed in “open air” rather than protected in airtight vaults. Because of this, valuable and priceless archives can succumb to damage through sudden and frequent variations in temperature and relative humidity in their environment. Depending on the type of organic material they are made from will also play a significant role in how sensitive they are to air quality.

    Controlling one’s air quality is the best preventative action to ensure the preservation of antiquities and artefacts in their original state.

    Evaporative technology

    “Evaporative” humidification is necessary for safely adding moisture to indoor environments containing sensitive and valuable artefacts. This is in contrast to ultrasonic humidifiers, which have the potential to emit large quantities of fine particles and mineral deposits if distilled water is not used or available.

    Mineral dust can settle in and on surfaces, artefacts, and electronics, risking the pieces’ quality and integrity, causing extra time and money for unnecessary cleaning and restorative maintenance.

    Wood’s Vienna HSW100 – essential protection for museums

    The Vienna is an energy-efficient, evaporative humidifier that brings balance to moisture levels in the air within museums, and its size is optimal for medium to large rooms. Besides being able to control overall humidity levels, it can help rehydrate certain elements of artefacts, e.g., wooden pieces, tools, and instruments.

    When portable means a flexible solution

    Permanent fixtures or extra-large and heavy stationary humidifiers lack the flexibility many museums require for relocation. One crucial requirement when developing the Vienna HSW100 was for it to be a viable solution for these specific areas. – Large enough to cover ample space yet small enough to be lifted and moved to any location as your exhibits or needs change.

    It is essentially designed to accommodate the ever-changing remodelling of museums’ modular zones.

    Healthy for everything and everyone

    Having optimal climate control is also beneficial towards people. Like other organic materials, guests and employees are susceptible to dry air conditions. Most people find that a relative humidity between 40 to 60 per cent is the most comfortable and promotes well-being.

    Made in Sweden

    The Vienna HSW100 is manufactured in Sweden with the highest quality parts, including galvanized steel, to prevent rusting or corrosion. This material also makes it hygienic and easy to clean.


    • Does not require distilled water.
    • Contains a 9.3-litre water reservoir.
    • Utilizes an anti-microbial filter.
    • Does not produce airborne mineral dust that can settle or contaminate artefacts.
    • Extremely low energy consumption solutions to optimize sustainability and budget management.
    • Minimal maintenance with direct spare supply.
    • Easy mobility to support the ever-changing exhibits and interior designs. 


    Wood's Vienna HSW100 humidifer

    The Vienna HSW100 is an energy-efficient, mobile, and discreet solution for museums looking to control their indoor moisture levels and help protect their valuable inventory. You can find a list of Wood’s retailers at the top of our homepage, or buy direct from us here.

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