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    Wood’s Multi-Award-Winning AC Cortina Just Got Even Better! Introducing AirSwitch

    Wood’s multi-award-winning Cortina AC has set a new benchmark in modern air conditioning with the introduction of its patented AirSwitch feature. Learn what makes it superior to traditional AC and fan modes, and how you can benefit from this cutting-edge technology.

    Key Difference Between Standard AC Fan Mode and AirSwitch

    Traditional air conditioners typically do not bring in air from outside, even when operating in fan mode. They usually recirculate indoor air, as the supply side is located inside the house. This recirculation can contribute to indoor air pollution, as contaminants are continually redistributed throughout the space.

    Impact on Indoor Air Quality

    Since conventional air conditioners recirculate indoor air, any contaminants present are continuously cycled through the system and your living space, potentially leading to unhealthy indoor air.

    The AirSwitch Difference

    When activated, Wood’s AirSwitch function draws in cooler outdoor air, purifies it, and distributes it throughout your indoor environment. This feature is particularly effective in regions where temperatures drop significantly at night.

    “AirSwitch draws in fresh, cool air, which can be especially effective in climates where temperatures drop significantly at night.”

    Humidity Concerns

    Running the fan on a standard air conditioner without the cooling function can increase indoor humidity. When the fan operates alone, moisture present in the system evaporates and is reintroduced into your home, raising humidity levels. Effective humidity reduction occurs when the AC is actively cooling.

    Combining AC and AirSwitch

    Both AC and AirSwitch modes offer distinct benefits. AirSwitch is ideal for improving sleep quality, purifying indoor air, and reducing energy costs, especially at night. The Cortina’s AC mode, on the other hand, is crucial for cooling during the hottest parts of the day and dehumidifying an area.

    Managing AirSwitch – Auto vs. Manual

    Since air conditioners are significant energy consumers, using AirSwitch in auto mode is generally the most energy-efficient option. In auto mode, AirSwitch engages when the outdoor air is at least two degrees cooler than indoor air, optimizing energy usage.

    Manual mode allows users to have greater control over energy consumption and indoor temperature, allowing them to utilize the air purifying function as needed.

    Upgrade Your Air Quality with Wood's AC Cortina AirSwitch

    Experience the difference with Wood's Cortina, featuring the revolutionary AirSwitch technology. Improve indoor air quality, sleep better, and save on energy costs.

    Purchase a Wood's Cortina AC with AirSwitch here or find a retailer near you!