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    Wood’s completes voluntary and independent third-party certification with Intertek

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    Wood’s takes great pride in its high quality and product safety and knows that credibility and success are based on a constant drive to improve. As part of its continuous quality work, Wood’s has chosen to certify all its dehumidifiers with the independent quality assurance company Intertek, with the aim that all products will receive the so-called S mark for the Swedish market and the GS mark for the German market.

    – We have chosen to undertake this voluntary certification process to show the market and customers that Wood’s goes above and beyond to deepen, maintain, and continuously develop our focus on quality and product safety, says Patrik Tedsjö, CEO of Wood’s.

    The certification process has involved an extensive review of Wood’s products and the entire development and manufacturing process. The result, the S mark, is proof that Wood’s dehumidifiers meet high standards of both safety and quality.

    Intertek is a world leader in the independent testing and certification of products. An Intertek certification is proof that an independent party has verified that European safety requirements are met. Wood’s is known for high quality and provides up to 10 years warranty on selected products.

    The certification primarily covers the dehumidifier product category, and the aim is for all models to be certified and S-labelled. In the future, other product categories may also be considered for certification.

    – With the voluntary and independent S-label, Wood’s is making an active choice. The S-label will be an additional seal of quality on our products, and it gives customers and users extra reassurance, as the label proves that a third party has tested and approved the products, says Patrik Tedsjö.

    Wood’s explains why the S-mark is an advantage for the consumer

    Why is it an advantage that Wood’s dehumidifiers are now also S-marked?

    – We know that our products are of remarkably high quality. Intertek’s voluntary, independent S-mark is a way for Wood’s to show that our products have been put under a microscope, more than is required.

    How does the certification work?

    – Certification with Intertek is a difficult process. Every single product, meaning all our dehumidifiers, are meticulously reviewed in an independent testing laboratory for safety and quality, and there are also high standards for technical documentation.

    Isn’t CE marking enough?

    – Yes, to meet basic requirements, but CE marking is the responsibility of the manufacturer, without independent testing. In addition, having your products S-marked increases credibility even more and complements the obvious CE marking.

    For which products does the certification apply?

    – At present, all Wood’s dehumidifiers are covered by the certification and will be S-labelled; this work has been going on for some time and is in its final stages. In time, more Wood’s product categories are likely to be covered, but we are taking one thing at a time – and for Wood’s, dehumidifiers are the beginning of it all!

    About Intertek:

    Intertek is an independent organisation that provides advice, testing and certification of various products.  All certification is based on publicly available standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring complete impartiality and objective results.

    About the S Mark:

    The S mark is a European symbol for safety. The symbol indicates that an electrical or electronic product has been tested and certified by an independent party, Intertek Semko AB.

    About the Low Voltage Directive, LVD, and CE marking:

    The so-called Low Voltage Directive, LVD, requires the CE marking of all products to be sold in Europe. The manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that the product is CE marked.