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    Why Choose a Portable Air Conditioner for Cooling Down?

    Looking to beat the heat this summer, but wondering the most efficient way? Upgrading your space with a portable cooling system will add protection and comfort for you and others this hot season.

    Why choose a portable AC over a window AC?

    Some office spaces, apartments, and homes do not have space for a window air conditioner due to their type of window design (single or double-hung), or permission to renovate for one, in the case of renters.

    Portable air conditioners have a few benefits over traditional, fixed air conditioners.

    • As the name suggests, they are portable. As long as you have multiple window kits setup, your AC unit has wheels and is mobile to go from your “living area” during the day, to your bedroom at night.
    • Easier, more straightforward to install than traditional window units.
    • Often permitted in rentals.
    • Can be easily stored away when not in use.
    • Functionality: A portable unit is capable of running even during extreme outdoor temperatures.

    Normally, inside temperatures are lower than outside. Because of this, most split units only work up to 35°C due to their refrigerant needing to be cooled off by its fan on the outside. Portable units contain monoblocks (everything on the inside), leaving the whole unit in a normally, cooler space.

    What to consider when choosing a portable AC

    • Size of the space: How large is the room or area that needs to be cooled?
    • Portability: Will it need to be moved to other areas of the home or office regularly?
    • Parallel features: Does it also dehumidify or have a fan mode?
    • How future-proof it is: Does it have features like remote control or an app to control the unit?
    • Warranty: Is it a reputable brand with a generous warranty?
    • Energy consumption and eco-friendliness: How energy-efficient the unit is.
    • Noise level: Are you able to speak, work, relax, or sleep with the unit turned on?

    Best tips for getting the most out of your portable AC unit

    • Install the window kit properly.
    • Start your AC early in the day before the room heats up from the sun.
    • Keep windows covered by pulling down blinds or curtains closed to help block the heat from the sun.
    • Plan: Prepare your bedroom by cooling it down before you go to sleep. When your bedroom has been cooled down, you can sleep better with your AC running on a lower fan speed, reducing the noise level.

    Not all portable AC units are created equal

    Wood’s is a name synonymous with quality and durability, spanning over 70 years, offering all types of air mitigation products, including portable air conditioners.

    Many portable AC units can be loud and intrusive and not so eco-friendly. Wood’s Cortina Silent model air conditioner won “Best in Test”, for the second year in a row in Aftonbladet, one of Scandinavia’s largest newspapers.

    The Cortina Silent offers a relatively low noise feature on its low speed, at 53-55 dB, making resting, living, and working conditions more comfortable, and all AC’s in the Cortina series work efficiently in rooms up to 43°C!

    Wood’s line of silent, smart, and eco-friendly AC’s are compact, flexible, and able to quickly and efficiently lower your indoor temperature, so you can enjoy even the hottest days this summer has.

    Choose the right model for your space

    Compare specifications and product models on our portable AC units right here. We have portable air conditioners to suit bedrooms, living rooms, smaller apartments, offices, conference rooms, shops, and more!

    Wood's Assortment of Portable AC Units

    You can also discover more about our portable air conditioning units by visiting our frequently asked questions page.