Pollen sufferers

    Top 10 Tips to Evade Pollen Allergies

    Antihistamines and allergy pills have been used as an interim solution but may present other problems in children and adults; most commonly, drowsiness during the waking hours, and insomnia and restlessness during the night.

    Types of pollen during the high season

    Spread primarily through wind or insects, here are the three main types of pollen that cause allergic reactions in people.

    Tree pollen: Prominent February-July

    Grass: Prominent May-September

    Ragweed: Prominent July-September

    Top 10 Solutions to avoid pollen allergies

    Below you’ll find the latest, proven alternatives in significantly alleviating and eliminating symptoms from this season’s pollen allergies.

    1. Time of day to go outdoors: Whether you walk, exercise, go shopping, pollen counts are highest between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m. and again at dusk. Avoid pollen getting trapped on clothes, hair, and airways.

    2. AC: Keep windows closed if possible and use an air conditioner when your room temperature rises.

    3. Glasses: If you must go out during the day, wear sunglasses or eyeglasses to avoid your eyes getting directly bombarded by pollen particles.

    4. Use a face mask:Continue to wear a face mask even if you have been vaccinated for Covid 19. It will help protect you from inhaling pollen that may irritate your nose, throat, and respiratory system, including asthma.

    5. Keep asthma spray handy: Consider seeing your doctor about getting an asthma spray if your airways are affected by pollen and it’s difficult to breathe. There are ones with and without cortisone, depending on what your doctor thinks is best for you.

    6. Get an AQM (air quality monitor): Homes, schools and workspaces can monitor in real-time, pollen counts in their indoor environments.

    7. Get an indoor air purifier: A dedicated air purifier is the best solution for not succumbing to pollen allergy symptoms is by having your air quality devout of pollen and other airborne contaminants that can agitate and inflame mucous membranes in your eyes, nose, throat and irritate airways.

    8. Inquire: Ask your office, hotel, or school ahead of time what solutions they may have to help people with pollen allergies. You’ll be surprised how many public spaces accommodate people with air purifiers and air quality monitors.

    9. Make recommendations: Hotels, offices, restaurants, and other workspaces are always looking for new ways to keep their guests, employees, or occupants happy and healthy. Recommend to your workplace, hotel, school, or facility to invest in air mitigation solutions.

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