Customer case story

    Simplicity of Maintaining a Clean Environment Through Advanced Technology

    Bagaren och Kocken” is one of the Nordic region’s leading e-retailers in kitchen machines, kitchen utensils, and household appliances. Because of their steady increase in sales, the company has moved into a larger, newly built facility in the Torslanda area of Gothenburg. With the new office and warehouse being approximately 16,000 square meters, it is close to doubling their previous space, increasing their need to maintain a high level of service and quality.

    Magnus Johansson, Logistics Manager at Bagaren och Kocken had prior contact with Wood’s Professional over the past couple of years from solving TVOC issues they initially had at their old distribution centre. With the move into a newer, larger facility, Magnus thought it was the perfect opportunity to set up their new warehouse and logistics facility with a solution that improved their environment’s working conditions, products’ appearance, and processes.

    The challenge

    “Having such a large warehouse with much traffic, our initial challenge was that the air quality of the warehouse was poor, causing dusty parcels and goods that took extra capacity to handle,” says Magnus.

    “We were looking for a complete solution, not just an air cleaner, that we would have no idea how efficient it was. We were also in need of a professional air quality monitoring system that would analyze all different aspects of our indoor environment and report on the air cleaners’ capacity and maintenance.”

    Bagaren Och Kocken headquarters

    Bagaren och Kocken headquarters

    “We’ve found a complete air cleaning solution.” – Magnus Johansson, Logistics Manager at Bagaren och Kocken

    About Bagaren och Kocken

    • Nordic region’s leading e-retailers in kitchen utensils and appliances
    • 143 people employed, 60 in the warehouse
    • Turnover of SEK 932 million in 2020
    • 16,000 m2 facility in Gothenburg

    The solution

    Staff from Wood’s Professional were invited to assess the new facility and consult on the steps to help future-proof the warehouse’s processes through an air cleaning solution. After brief discussions, plans for installation soon followed.

    Ten WPL-2300 air filtration systems were installed, in conjunction with five “Guardian AQMs” (professional, air quality monitors) to monitor the status of the air quality in different parts of the warehouse when changing the clean airflow from the units.

    Each “WPL” unit was strategically placed at the end caps of each aisle to capture dust and particles as close to the source of origin, as well as to accommodate limited floor space.

    Having this non-intrusive design helps by not interfering with the movement of supplies, equipment, and staff, while capturing contaminants close to the source means less air pollution spreading throughout the facility, affecting personnel and inventory.

    Driving the whole solution was the advanced technology behind Wood’s Professional’s proprietary, ProMore system, allowing those involved, the ability to monitor, compare, and analyze the facility’s environment. This also gives the Wood’s staff the ability to guide their customers and suggest further changes for better results.

    By having the AQMs and air cleaners connected to ProMore’s powerful application, they can gain access to a multitude of parameters, such as dust particle concentration, CO2 content, TVOC levels, temperature, and humidity, error messages, etc., in real-time. The parameters in ProMore, based on each sensor, provide access to even more functionality and control within its user-friendly application.

    There are many advanced features in these air filtration systems. Each WPL 2300 has a full AQM installed to continually log all the air quality data in its vicinity, which can be compared with the standalone AQMs placed in other zones of the warehouse to create a fuller picture of its indoor environment.

    After witnessing significantly, positive results from the decrease in particle concentrations since the installation, Magnus and his staff are very satisfied.

    “Utilizing Wood’s Professional’s AQMs with their ProMore system has been invaluable in its ability to identify critical areas where the air cleaners would be most beneficial, as well as being able to monitor relevant air quality conditions and information on the air filtration systems,” says Magnus.

    Fleet of WPL 2300 air filtration systems in the Bagaren och Kocken warehouse.

    WPL 2300 closeup

    WPL 2300 close-up

    Additional benefits

    “Since the very start, our reaction has been very positive to the solutions Wood’s Professional has offered us! From the first initial consultation to installation and feedback, we see a significant, positive change, compared to our former facility.”

    Magnus continues, “No one complains about the air quality anymore! What I’m most impressed with from Wood’s Professional is the simplicity of maintaining a clean environment in our warehouse through their technology.”

    Wood’s Professional

    Wood’s has been at the forefront of air mitigation products through its “best-in-class” dehumidifiers, air conditioners, air purifiers, and other air quality appliances for the home and office. Wood’s Professional division extends the brand by developing, manufacturing, and distributing a comprehensive range of solutions and services to businesses and industries in need of optimal indoor air quality control.