Ozone Used as Beneficial Tool in Nurseries and Greenhouses

    In the ever-evolving landscape of horticulture, nurseries, garden centres, and commercial greenhouses are embarking on a mission to find innovative solutions to reduce the presence of harmful germs, improve plant nutrients, stop invasive microorganisms in their tracks, and manage ethylene emissions from fruits and flowers, while not using harmful chemicals and pesticides.

    Let’s explore the exciting progress in these areas, where experts use ozone treatment to harmonize productivity with environmental care.

    Air Purification

    Ozone’s strong oxidizing properties can help purify the air by neutralizing odours, mould, and bacteria. Using ozone generators can contribute to better air quality in enclosed environments like greenhouses, creating a healthier atmosphere for plant growth.

    Disease Prevention

    Ozone has been studied for its potential to control plant diseases by reducing microbial populations on leaves and surfaces. It might help limit the spread of pathogens and fungi that can harm plants in a nursery or greenhouse setting.

    Water Treatment

    Ozone can be used to treat irrigation water to eliminate pathogens and contaminants. Ozone-treated water can contribute to healthier plants and reduce the risk of disease transmission through irrigation.

    Ethylene Removal

    Ethylene is a gas that accelerates the ageing and ripening of fruits and flowers. Ozone can help remove ethylene from the air, extending the shelf life of harvested products in storage areas within nurseries or greenhouses.


    Ozone can be integrated into hydroponic systems to sterilize and treat nutrient solutions, preventing the growth of harmful microorganisms that could affect plant growth.

    Greenhouse Sanitization

    Ozone can play a role in maintaining a clean environment within greenhouses by reducing the presence of moulds, mildew, and pests. This can contribute to healthier plant growth.

    Enhance Your Nursery and Greenhouse Environments

    From air purification to disease management, ozone presents a beneficial solution for fostering a healthier plant environment. Wood’s recommends the Airmaster WOZ400 (w/ analogue controls) and Airmaster WOZ500 (w/digital display) portable ozone generators as trusted options for effectively integrating ozone into your operations. Consult our experts today to explore the strategic implementation of ozone technology, contributing to enhanced plant growth and vitality in your nursery or greenhouse.