Eliminating Car Odours

    Ozone Treatment for Car Valeting and Renovating

    What can you do when regular methods of cleaning cars’ interiors are not enough? As many discover, most cleaning products found in auto parts stores are not powerful enough to neutralize the stench of car odors that saturate upholstery fibers and linger in vents.

    Many of these sprays and air fresheners cover up the problem with a competing scent, resulting in an underwhelming and temporary solution.

    What is ozone treatment?

    Ozone treatment is the use of ozone (O3), a natural gas. Through its chemical reaction of oxidation, unwanted molecules are broken down, resulting in the removal of odors, bacteria, and viruses from an enclosed area.

    Car dealerships, detailing/valeting shops, and rental car companies have been using ozone treatment as a proven method for years to successfully remove odors from cars, trucks, RV’s, and other vehicles.

    Interior of car

    Typically, car detailers place an ozone generator in a vehicle needing deeper cleaning, along with the elimination of strong odors, e.g., stale cigarette or cigar smoke, sweat, pets/animals, and other lingering, musty odors like urine and mold. Even lingering staleness cars emit after being in storage or under a tarp for a long period disappears with ozone treatment.

    During this process, the ozone permeates the car’s interior, essentially neutralizing all odors permanently, as well as bacteria and viruses provided the source of the smell has been removed.

    Private owners of cars can also use ozone treatment

    Along with professional enterprises, private owners can also benefit from ozone treatment of their cars. Much caution should be taken though for those who have not used an ozone generator before, as using this technique carelessly or incorrectly can cause bodily harm or damage your car’s interior.

    When should I use ozone to clean and disinfect?

    Ozone treatment is ideal for car reconditioning when regular methods of cleaning are not enough and a standard valet or cleaning won’t suffice. Due to their compounds and amount, some odors like second-hand/third-hand cigarette smoke, as well as pet odors are relatively difficult to remove.

    This shock treatment technique is used daily by car valeters, dealerships, and rental companies to infuse the ozone deep into every crevice of the vehicle’s interior, penetrating even the hardest-to-reach areas, resulting in a hygienically cleaner and fresher-smelling car.

    Depending on how much time and exposure of contaminants the car has endured, the ozone generator will need to run for a specified amount of time and may require more than one treatment to permanently remove the odors.

    For lasting results, it is important to thoroughly clean the interior of the car before running the ozone generator to help eliminate the source of the problem. Vacuuming pet hairs and wiping off surfaces will make a significant difference, allowing the ozone to neutralize the embedded, remnant molecules.

    Which ozone generators are ideal for car valeting and reconditioning?

    The Airmaster WOZ100 is ideal for private/personal use in car reconditioning, as it is small and lightweight. For added convenience, its 12v power adapter can be connected to a vehicle’s cigarette lighter or charging station input as well.

    Through its ceramic plate technique, this unit produces 100mg/hour of ozone with a fan capacity of 40 m³/hour, making it suitable for the common upkeep of privately owned cars.

    In the next step up, there’s the Airmaster WOZ400, with built-in corrosive-resistant stainless steel to withstand tougher operating conditions.

    The Airmaster WOZ400 is powered by 12 Volts, allowing it to be used in places where 230 Volts are not available, making it easy to power via an optional cigarette lighter cable accessory to the vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket.

    This unit produces 400 mg/hour with a fan capacity of 116 m³/hour.

    For more professional applications, the Airmaster WOZ 500 is a portable and easy-to-use ozone generator that eliminates odors caused by humidity, mold, smoke, and pets. It has digital controls for the simple and precise control of its functions.

    The Airmaster WOZ 500 one of the most powerful and popular ozone generators recommended for car restoration and valeting across Europe, as it produces 0-500 mg/hour of ozone, a fan capacity of 116 m³/hour, and many other, sought out, professional features such as:

    • Digital controls
    • Adjustable ozone production (0-500 mg/hour)
    • Intelligent timer functions (interval and day timer)
    • Wall mounting option
    • Easy hose connection with a fitting
    • Low energy consumption
    • Manufactured in Sweden

    Both the Airmaster WOZ 400 and Airmaster WOZ 500 work with ozone tubes, a robust and reliable technology, suitable in harsh environments. Its hose connection is used to connect to hard-to-reach areas including ventilation or air conditioning systems in cars. All Airmaster models are built in Sweden.

    Increase the resale value of your car

    Ozone treatment and car valeting services are not only a popular choice for new or existing car owners but for those looking to sell their cars to increase their re-sale value.

    For more information and directions on how to safely operate an ozone generator, please visit the link above.

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