Ozone Generators Clean the Air in Rental Property’s Refuse Room

    TB-Gruppen is a housing company that develops, builds, owns and manages properties in western Sweden, Stockholm and Uppsala. With a solid local foundation, the ambition is to create opportunities for well-being and the development of a vibrant and sustainable society.

    Magnus Bertilsson, a property technician at TB-Gruppen, shows the waste sorting and recycling room in one of their properties. It is a bright and neat space with clear signs above the many trash and recycling bins, making it easier for tenants to sort their rubbish for recycling. Avoiding foul odours from rubbish bins can be difficult, even when cleaning. Food residues in packaging quickly start to smell bad, along with other types of waste giving off odours.

    – We previously had significant problems with foul odours from waste and recycling in a garbage room, says Magnus.

    Being perceived as disturbing by tenants, a Wood’s WOZ500 ozone generator was purchased and mounted on the wall in the garbage room to solve the odour issue. The unit operates in the evening and night when no tenants are in the garbage room.

    Ozone is nature’s way of purifying the air and is formed naturally during thunderstorms and when lightning strikes. The fresh, healthy feeling that the air has afterwards results from nature’s ozone discharge. The ozone unit works in the same way. It is a small device you set in the current room or space and quickly start on the desired program. During the ozone depletion, no people, animals or plants should be in the same area. When the process is complete, you ventilate the space properly, with natural draft or ventilation.

    Magnus says that the ozone unit removes all foul odours. In the morning, you enter an odourless environment in the waste sorting room, giving more satisfied tenants and a nicer working environment for the TB Group’s staff.

    – It has become a completely different environment in here!
    TB-Gruppen is one of many companies and businesses that use ozone purification to effectively remove foul odours for a better air environment.

    For professional use, Wood’s ozone generators are used in many restaurants, hotels and cruise ships, in businesses that offer car washing and reconditioning, and for damage recovery of moisture-damaged properties.

    Wood’s also has a large selection of ozone units for consumers, with products adapted for use in the home, cottage, boat, car, motorhome or other spaces where lingering odours can be found.

    Wood’s answers frequently asked questions about ozone:

    Ozone – is it dangerous?
    When the ozone unit is used as specified in the instruction manual, ozone can be used safely for air purification.

    What is ozone?
    Ozone is a naturally occurring gas (O3) formed when the sun’s radiation meets the oxygen in the air.

    How is ozone formed in ozone units?
    In ozone units, ozone is produced through an electrical high-voltage discharge in a controlled process.

    Is it possible to stay in areas where ozone treatment is in progress?
    No, you should not do that. Ozone is harmful when inhaled, and you should not stay in areas where ozone treatment is taking place before it completely dissipates. As long as it smells of ozone in the room (a similar scent to chlorine), the room should continue to be ventilated without occupants.

    Always follow the safety instructions when using ozone units. At Wood’s Ozone School, our experts provide answers to more questions about how to safely use ozone generators for removing odours.

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