Ozone Generator – Odour Removal, Nature’s Way

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    Foul odours can be a nuisance and a disturbing problem for many homeowners’ basements, storage rooms, and/or summer cottages. These issues are also common cars and boats, but it does not have to be that way. Nature has invented an ingenious way to remove musty smells and the organic particles that cause lingering odours.

    Imagine a warm August day. The air is heavy with different scents; not all being pleasant. Then the sky darkens and a welcome thunderstorm clears the air. The noticeable freshness you experience immediately after a thunderstorm is the result of the ozone release that takes place during the lightning’s discharge of voltage.

    You can get a similar result in your home that is neither difficult nor particularly costly.

    When you choose an odour-removing ozone generator from Wood’s, you get all our accumulated knowledge about the purchase

    Wood’s is an all-Swedish company with extensive knowledge of weather, air, and climate conditions. Our combined expert knowledge and large presence in the market means that we support our customers and can help with choosing the right products, ensuring that you get the best possible results from the product you choose.

    The right product for the right problem – Wood’s shows the way

    Wood’s has a wide range of products and solutions for everything related to the indoor environment and air conditioning, including a comprehensive selection of ozone generators (also called ozone generators) to remove unwanted odours. All our models are developed and manufactured in Sweden, they are stainless (a huge advantage, as ozone is oxidizing) and you can choose between different advanced digital controls. Options such as timers are also available and we also have models with a hose connection, for smooth odour elimination and ozone decontamination in tight spaces. It is important to choose the right product for the right problem area. Click here to read more

    Clean the air – just as nature has taught us

    Ozone is a completely natural gas with the chemical designation O3. Oxygen has the designation O2, so it only separates a single molecule. In the case of electrical discharges, a chemical process takes place that releases ozone from the oxygen. So the only thing needed to clean up bad smells is oxygen and an electrical charge. With this nature-based technology, Wood’s has developed ozone generators that work for all types of needs and spaces. We have a product range that spans the entire spectrum; from smaller models for the summer house or car, to professional models for facilities, commercial properties, and public buildings, such as hotels.

    An ozone generator is the most effective way to get rid of foul, moldy, and lingering odours, as well as the organic particles that cause them.

    When it is no longer enough to ventilate, clean, and wash, there is still always a solution to odour problems. Obtaining an ozone generator will help you get rid of the bad odours that disturb and cause discomfort, both in the short and long term; unfortunately though, you can not escape the cleaning process. It is important to first – before each ozone depletion, remove all physical residues and traces of, for example, dirt, ash, nicotine, dog or cat hair. Then, specifically follow the directions provided, to safely let the ozone generator run for the time recommended in the manual.

    Using an ozone generator safely for home use

    Similar to fumigating a home, in order to safely use this type of solution, operating an ozone generator should be done under the strictest of conditions by an adult, and not before reading all the instructions and warnings prior.

    No people, pets, plants, sensitive works of art, or highly sensitive technology should be in the room during ozone depletion, as breathing in ozone can have serious adverse effects on your health and compromise the integrity of sensitive items.

    When the ozone depletion in the relevant space is complete, it takes about 10 minutes of ventilation with transverse drafts for all ozone to be vented out. If it is not possible to ventilate with a transverse draft, all ozone is still depleted in approximately 4-5 hours. If a single ozone depletion of the space would not be enough to remove the unwanted odours, just repeat the procedure until you are satisfied with the result and have an odourless indoor environment to enjoy.

    An ozone generator permanently removes unwanted odours in your home – almost endless uses for both home use and leisure spaces

    There are countless uses for an ozone generator, both in homes, storage spaces, boats, cars, basements, crawl spaces, cottages, sheds, etc.

    Refreshing and renewing tips for the summer home or small cottage:

    Leave an ozone generator on, in an uninhabited space with a timer during the winter season and you will be greeted by a fresh indoor environment when spring comes. You can also let the ozone generator run for a while in each room before you move in for the summer.

    Odourless tips for the house and home:

    When it’s in the walls

    Have you perhaps bought a house where a lingering odour “sits in the walls”? A good tip is to ozone clean the house before you start renovating and moving in. Bad smells can remain in the walls even if you paint and wallpaper.

    Moisture that gives off an odour

    If you have or have had moisture damage in the house, this can leave bad air quality behind. Just do not forget to fix the initial problem itself before you start your ozone generator. When the damage is repaired, the ozone generator helps to eliminate all unwanted odours from the moisture damage.

    Clothes and textiles, antiques and jewels

    Do you like vintage clothes, antiques, and recycling? You are not alone, however, you may not appreciate the sometimes slightly musty smell they bring into your home. Do not despair, there is a solution: Hang the washed clothes or textiles sparsely, set your ozone generator without pointing it directly at the textiles and let it restore your treasures to an odourless condition. The same principle applies to upholstered furniture. First wash in the manner appropriate for the fabric in question, ozone depletion in the closed space without directing the objects directly. The result is clean, fresh, and odourless. – Important to note: For everyone’s safety, no people, pets, or plants should be in the vicinity of the area being treated with ozone.

    Pets – wanted as well as unwanted

    Do you love your animals – but not the smell of wet dogs, a litter box, or a birdcage? Here, too, your ozone generator can help you remove unwanted odours. Just do not forget to remove your pets from the house while the ozone generator does its job.

    Even unwanted critters can leave traces of foul scents behind. Rodent droppings in the walls, dead animals, and the like should first, physically be removed before the ozone generator cleaning.

    Tips for boats, cars, motorhomes, and caravans

    When you take off the boat’s winter tarpaulin in the spring, it usually does not smell very pleasant. Here, the use of an ozone generator is fast, so that spring’s first boat trip can be made in a comfortable, odourless environment. Even the caravan and motorhome tend to smell quite musty after a winter’s rest. Once you have cleaned, ventilated, and dried the surfaces, you can let the ozone generator remove all traces of trapped odours. Those who have a summer car, perhaps a sportier model, certainly do not want it to smell anything other than leather and fresh air. The ozone generator restores both modern vehicles and vintage vehicles to a neutral scent.

    Tips for storage, basements, and crawl spaces:

    In basements and crawl spaces, a lot of unwanted organic material can be hidden, which gives rise to bad smells and odours. Here, too, the affected material must first be removed. Start by sweeping clean and wiping the surfaces that are wipable before operating the ozone generator to finish the job.

    An extra tip is to get a model with a hose connection. You can connect this to a silicone hose of 6-7 mm that can be inserted into walls and narrow nooks, so that you get an odourless result even in hard-to-reach places.

    The summer season has begun – time to invest in an odour-eliminating ozone generator right now, for all your summer activities

    Heat triggers the processes that can cause bad odours created from organic material. When the weather warms up, it’s also time to open up the storage, the summer cottage, and prepare the boat, caravan, or motorhome for the season. Maybe even bring out the sports car. When this happens, you can often be met with unwanted and unpleasant odours. Now you can effectively remove the stale smell from the winter storage for all your summer activities.

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