Moisture Is Natural – Choose the Right Product for the Right Space!

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    Moisture that occurs in houses and properties is completely natural and common. The solution to avoid damage and unpleasant odors are simple: choose the right product for the right space.

    – Do not get creative, follow the recommendations for dehumidifiers, emphasizes Rickard Sohlin, sales manager for the Nordics at Woods.

    In the Swedish Public Health Agency’s publication, “Environmental Health Report 2017”, a study is presented on how common it is with a bad indoor environment in Sweden:

    • 19 percent state that they live in homes with visible moisture damage, visible mould, or mould odor.
    • 20 percent state health problems that are related to the indoor environment in the home, at school, or at the workplace.

    “Moisture, and problems associated, occur naturally. This does not automatically mean that there is something wrong with constructions in villas and other properties. Rather, it is about the fact that in many cases, we have replaced heat sources, and that we have gone from, for example, oil boilers to geothermal or district heating. This in itself means that we have removed a source of heat in the basement, which changes the conditions for ventilation, air temperature, and humidity”, explains Sohlin.

    The right humidity and energy efficiency

    This type of changing conditions can create moisture problems that in the long run can generate mould damage and also affect the quality of the air, and your health.

    “An equally simple and energy-efficient solution is to invest in dehumidifiers. The only thing you need to think about is getting the right product for the right space. There are several distinct models with different appearances and performance. The point is, do not be foolish. If you have a problem with a basement, buy a dehumidifier designed for that type of space. The same goes if it concerning a bathroom or maybe a laundry room. With the right equipment, you can optimize the time it runs to get both, the right humidity and an energy-efficient operation,” says Sohlin.

    Placing your dehumidifier in the right place

    When installing a portable dehumidifier, you must place it in the correct location. “Since the dehumidifier is equipped with a hose, it is wise to place it near a drain. Then you do not have to empty the water tank in the dehumidifier. The hose continuously leads the water away”. Installing a heating fan in a basement or a heating cabinet in a laundry room can seem tempting, but are often expensive solutions, both in investment and operation.

    “A dehumidifier is a smart alternative because you can buy it at a relatively low cost with a long warranty period and that it is energy efficient. This means that it is operated at low power and shuts off when not needed. It saves both energy and energy costs “, concludes Rickard Sohlin.

    Two simple steps to the right humidity

    • Buy a hygrometer, measure humidity and create a basis for taking the appropriate action. The recommendation is to have about 50% relative humidity.
    • Buy an energy-efficient dehumidifier. Choose the right product in relation to the space that needs treatment.
    Assortment of dehumidifiers

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