Energy saving tips

    Lower Your Indoor Temperature, Save Money, & Control Moisture

    With high electricity prices, many choose to lower the heat to save energy and money. Smart, because according to the Swedish Energy Agency, your energy consumption is reduced by approx. 5% for every degree you lower the indoor temperature. But for every degree that is lowered, the relative humidity increases by 5%, according to the Housing Authority. This creates significant problems with moisture, but with the right dehumidifier, you keep the moisture problems away. You can also lower the temperature a few more degrees with a clear conscience while saving a lot of energy and money.

    Humidity affects how you experience temperature

    Moisture makes the air feel colder, so dehumidifying the air also raises the perceived temperature in your home. This allows you to lower the temperature further and maintain a pleasant indoor climate.

    A simple calculation

    The relative humidity should be around 50%. Let’s say you have a basement with a temperature of 20 °C and an optimal relative humidity of 50%. If you lower or turn off the heat entirely so that the temperature reaches 13 °C, the relative humidity increases to over 70%. In such high humidity, mould growth starts, which can cause serious health problems and cause significant damage to the property.

    Some of our powerful dehumidifiers that solve humidity problems when you lower the temperature:

    SW Series – A Swedish-made and very efficient dehumidifier that consumes little energy.


    LD Series – Swedish-made and as powerful as the SW-series, but also dries laundry.

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