Keeping the Chill Out: How to Control Moisture in Churches During Winter

    The church is more than just a place of worship; it is a valuable asset to the community. The multi-purpose function of church buildings includes hosting Christian schools during the week and providing aid to those in need through meals, shelter and other daily provisions. The church serves as a hub for social events and activities. It is often seen as a safe and reliable refuge for travellers and those facing difficult times.

    Regardless of denomination, the church represents a connection to faith and spirituality for both members and non-members alike. These hallmarks of a church building make it a vital resource for small towns and communities. As a reliable provider, the church has been and will always be an important link to the community.

    Many churches are essential not only for their spiritual significance but also for their historical and cultural value. Many churches contain valuable treasures such as artwork, sculptures, and religious artefacts that have been passed down for generations. These physical valuables are not only beautiful and significant for the religious community, but they are also often considered national treasures and are of great importance to art and cultural historians.

    To preserve these valuables, it’s crucial to maintain the proper humidity levels within the church. Excessive humidity can cause damage to these treasures, leading to mould and mildew growth, warping of wood and paint, and discolouring paper. On the other hand, extremely low humidity levels can cause cracking of paint and plaster, shrinking of wood, and can create a conducive environment for pests.

    There are different ways to control humidity levels, one of them is by installing dehumidifiers (and humidifiers) to keep the humidity levels in a safe range and prevent damage to the valuables.

    Maintaining a stable and optimal humidity level is essential for preserving the physical valuables and treasures in churches, both for the religious community and for future generations to appreciate these historical and cultural treasures.

    “I can certainly recommend Wood’s dehumidifiers to effectively protect our historic buildings.”

    – Lars Vernersson, Norra Gotland Pastorate

    Why churches may become overly humid in the winter

    Many churches lower their temperature in the winter to save energy, but this can cause an increase in humidity levels, which can damage valuable artworks, treasures and the building itself. One way to combat this problem is by using a dehumidifier.

    The SW59FM – A Swedish-made energy-efficient dehumidifier. Read more here.

    A dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the air, which allows churches to maintain optimal humidity levels while still saving energy by lowering the temperature. Even though the dehumidifier can raise the perceived temperature, it can help lower energy costs by reducing the load on heating systems and preventing moisture from causing damage to the building and its contents.

    Using a dehumidifier can also help to maintain a comfortable level of humidity for the congregants, making the environment more pleasant to spend time in, and improving the overall indoor air quality. As a result, it can raise the perceived temperature. However, the church can still keep energy costs down while protecting its valuable assets and preserving the building.

    The Norra Gotland pastorate, part of the Swedish Church, has already seen the positive effect a Wood’s dehumidifier has had on their energy savings and helping preserve their historic building.

    The Swedish Environmental Institute and the Church of Sweden also write about this in their handbook with practical tips and support for routines that prevent moisture problems in churches here.

    Dehumidifiers are the ideal complement to proper ventilation

    Additionally, it’s important to note that proper insulation, sealing of leaks and cracks, and use of advanced HVAC systems in conjunction with dehumidifiers can lead to even more energy savings while also ensuring optimal humidity levels, contributing to an all-around comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

    Take the first step in protecting your church and its valuables. Contact us or your nearest reseller today! Our team of experts at Wood’s is here to help you optimize your church’s preservation efforts.


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