Introducing Wood’s LD Series – A New Standard in Dehumidifiers

    What is a dehumidifier, and how does it work?

    An air dehumidifier, or “dehumidifier” as it is commonly called, removes moisture from the water vapour in the air and turns it into water. The water is either collected in a container or led via a hose to a drain. Some models of dehumidifiers also convert the energy contained in the water vapour into heat, which the dehumidifier blows out as hot air, providing both increased air circulation and a better drying effect. Here you can read more about. Wood’s various dehumidifiers.

    With the right dehumidifier, laundry dries at record speed – even in the basement

    Getting your laundry to dry quickly, without moisture remaining in the room no longer has to be a dream. With a dehumidifier, your clothes and textiles will dry faster, smell good and last a long time. On top of that, you will get better air quality throughout the house, or the entire basement if that is where your laundry room is. If you also choose an air dehumidifier with maximum heating effect which converts the water vapour’s energy into heat, then by blowing it out as hot air, your laundry will dry as quickly and easily indoors in the middle of winter as outdoors on a sunny summer day.

    Dehumidifier or dryer – what is the best choice?

    To dry laundry and keep the laundry room/drying room free of moisture, a dehumidifier is truly the best option for drying speed, textiles, energy consumption, and your wallet. A dehumidifier will dry your clothes and textiles gently, and without wear, at least as fast as a dryer. In addition, you can save as much as 75% of energy if you use a dehumidifier to dry your laundry; and while the laundry dries, your indoor environment becomes healthier!

    Avoid harmful moisture indoors with the right dehumidifier

    Drying laundry indoors gives rise to a lot of moisture which, if not removed or ventilated away, can cause allergic symptoms, aggravate asthma, and cause mould growth. Bacteria and mites thrive best in humid environments and if the ventilation is not adequate, damp rooms become a greenhouse for them. It is both the moisture itself that can cause problems in the form of asthma and allergies, as well as mould spores that are often formed in a humid indoor environment, causing health issues in the form of both respiratory infections and allergic reactions.

    A dehumidifier for your laundry room, your basement, or your bathroom

    If you dry your laundry in the basement, you have multiple challenges – you need to protect your house from moisture while you want to quickly dry your clothes and textiles, which gives off moisture. It is always better to use a dehumidifier than a fan. A dehumidifier removes moisture from the air, while a fan just blows it around and spreads it throughout the house. Even if you do not have a drying room or laundry room in the basement, moisture is always formed there and that moisture needs to be removed to avoid damage, foul odours, and humid indoor climate. Here you can read more about the right dehumidifier for laundry rooms, basements, and bathrooms.

    Basements, crawl spaces, laundry rooms, drying rooms – energy-efficient air purifiers for all needs

    In many countries, where there can be a significant temperature difference between day and night, and between different seasons, extra moisture is sometimes formed indoors. The moisture in the air becomes condensation when it ends up on a surface, similar to when you see fog on a bathroom mirror. To avoid moisture damage, mould growth, mites, and other moisture-related problems, you must somehow take care of the moisture in the house or home. The most efficient and best way is to use a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers are energy-efficient, cost-effective, quiet, and also make the air circulate better. Here you can read about Wood’s entire range of efficient dehumidifiers.

    Wood’s new generation dehumidifier – the LD series – State-of-the-art solutions in moisture control

    Wood’s is now launching a completely new series of dehumidifiers, developed and manufactured in Sweden. The LD series is another major step in the development of smart and advanced, energy-efficient dehumidification. Just like Wood’s popular, best-selling SW models, all LD models are made of Swedish steel, contain Swedish-made components, and all maintain the same high quality. The LD models are particularly well suited for drying laundry in laundry rooms, drying rooms, and basements. The capacity and airflow are higher than ever and there is also a special “Laundry” program, optimal for drying clothes. Read more about the LD series here.

    Maximised heat output and circular functionality

    The new LD models have taken a big step up in both dehumidification capacity and heating effect. The LD series is the most efficient line of dehumidifiers on the market. For every litre of water vapour you condense, you get back 780W in pure heating power. All LD models are developed with the highest quality components to be long-lasting and durable, allowing Wood’s to offer a full 10-year warranty, provided that the filter is changed annually. The LD models are available with both digital, user-friendly displays or with a traditional rotary mechanism.

    When you choose Wood’s, you get all our collective knowledge in return

    Our combined expert knowledge and large presence in the market means that we can support our customers, help with choosing the right products, and ensure that you get the best possible results from the product you choose.

    The right product for the right problem – Wood’s shows the way

    Wood’s has a wide range of products and solutions for everything related to the indoor environment and air care, including a comprehensive selection of dehumidifiers, for all rooms and needs.

    Here you can read more about Wood’s different models of dehumidifiers. You can be sure that there is one that suits you!