How to Choose the Right Dehumidifier for Your Needs

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    It should be easy to find which dehumidifier suits your specific needs. To make it as simple as possible, we have divided it into categories: Basements, crawl spaces, drying rooms, and bathrooms. These categories usually meet 90% of everyone’s needs. We will also mention unheated areas such as a motorhome, boat, caravan, and summer cottage.

    • Moisture in the basement = SW models and LD models are strong, energy-efficient, and can dry an entire basement and the laundry at the same time.
    • Moisture in the bathroom = A small model is recommended, drying one room at a time, and is easy to move around.
    • Moisture in the drying room = The LD model is powerful and energy-efficient, blow-drying the laundry with its oscillation function.
    • Moisture in the crawl space = The DSC50FM is specially developed for the crawl space, works efficiently at low temperatures, has fixed legs, and a hose connection for direct drainage to an outlet drain.


    The SW models are specially designed to dehumidify large areas and emit more heat than they draw electricity. Use the SW42 and SW38 in your medium to large basements and you will quickly get rid of your moisture problems while the machine dries the clothes and gives you a significant heat pump effect. Choose an SW22 if you have a smaller basement and an SW59 if you have a large basement that is divided into several rooms. The SW line has a new, intelligent, defrosting system called, i-EcoDefrost that has been developed and manufactured in Sweden, which provides faster and better defrosting and functionality. These dehumidifiers work even faster and more efficiently.

    If you have a basement where you wash clothes and want the laundry to dry quickly then you should choose a model from our LD series. They are specially designed to dehumidify large areas while you can dry laundry quickly, gently, and energy-efficient. They also emit more heat than they draw electricity. Read more about the LD series under the section drying room.

    Wood’s SW series keeps large areas dry and is optimal for basements, drying rooms, laundry rooms, and garages.

    It is made of steel with robust wheels and nicely recessed handles, which makes them very durable and easy to move to where the dehumidifier is needed. This product is developed, designed, and manufactured in Sweden.

    The SW models

    Read more about Wood's SW models here

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    Crawl spaces

    In a crawl space, high air circulation is important. When the air is circulated, it is ensured that the entire room is dehumidified and not just the area around the dehumidifier. By keeping the humidity at approx. 50%, you keep moisture and mould problems at a safe distance. The water from the dehumidifier is easily drained away with a garden hose in the ground or outlet drain in the crawl space. Check the humidity regularly with a hygrometer to avoid moisture and mould problems.

    DSC50FM This model is specially developed and designed for crawl spaces. It has robust, fixed legs to stand stably in a crawl space.

    Installation tips for crawl space dehumidifiers:

    1. Seal the vents so that they do not let in much humid air.
    2. Place the dehumidifier as centrally as possible.
    3. Make a drainage field for drainage.
    4. Supplement with a crawl space hygrometer to keep track of the humidity level from within the house.

    Drying room

    Do you have the house or apartment filled with wet clothes, sheets, and towels after each time you wash? Allowing the laundry to air dry takes a long time while a tumble dryer wears out clothes. With a dehumidifier from Wood’s, you can dry the laundry quickly and gently while dehumidifying the room or an entire basement! Many of Wood’s dehumidifiers blow out hot, dry air from the top, which gives a drying effect to the laundry, allowing it to dry at record speed!

    Drying laundry with a dehumidifier is quick and easy. The moist air is sucked up and returned as dry and warm air which dries the laundry and removes excess moisture. The higher the capacity of the dehumidifier, the faster the laundry dries. “We at Wood’s have discovered that there is much need to be able to dry laundry quickly, gently, and energy-efficiently – both at home and in shared laundry rooms. That’s why we at Wood’s have developed a new generation of drying room dehumidifiers – the LD series. It is a product developed, designed, and manufactured in Sweden with incredible capacity.”

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    The Bathroom

    Showers and bathrooms are most affected by moisture in the home. It should be easy to take the dehumidifier out of the room and put it back. A dehumidifier that dries one room at a time. Showers and laundry generate a lot of moisture that can damage our precious bathrooms. By placing a dehumidifier in the bathroom, you lower the humidity level while getting a bathroom that is dry and comfortable. In addition, the towels dry in no time!

    Models that fit in bathrooms are the M10G, MDK11-13, and MRD12G

    FAQs about dehumidifiers for boats

    Boats can get an improved indoor climate with a dehumidifier. It is constantly damp in a boat and this can damage the interior and give off a bad smell. By placing a dehumidifier, you lower the humidity, which in turn removes musky odours. It is a good investment to improve the indoor climate in the boat, both during the season as well as during the winter storage. Wood’s sorption-dehumidifier WDD80 has the advantage of being able to be used in minus-degree temperatures.

    WDD80 can be used in summer cottages, caravans, motorhomes, and boats where the temperature is usually low.

    The motorhome/caravan

    Most people who have a caravan or motorhome have it standing outdoors or in an unheated room in the winter, which commonly leads to the formation of moisture that easily causes mold. By placing a dehumidifier in the room, you effectively lower the humidity level. Wood’s WDD80 is a sorption dehumidifier and works with good results even when the temperature drops to 0° C.