How the Swedish youtuber prepares her sailing boat for winter with a dehumidifier

    Preparing a boat for winter in cold climates is often a challenge. Moisture and humidity can damage textiles and other materials onboard and if liquids freeze this can cause serious problems.

    Swedish youtuber and sailing adventurer Jeanette owns the sailing boat Tilda, a Comfort 32 model, built in Sweden. To keep Tilda safe all through the winter season Jeanette is using a WDD80 dehumidifier, a model that is suited for usage in low temperatures.

    – Before the winter I did several things to secure Tilda, one of the measures I have taken is to install a dehumidifier. I have also placed a combined thermometer and hygrometer onboard, so I can monitor temperature and humidity from wherever I am.

    Using a dehumidifier in the boat prevents musky odours caused by moisture and provides an improved indoor climate onboard. Other advantages are that, with a dehumidifier there is no need to remove textiles and bedding materials and that the warm air from the dehumidifier’s exhaust contributes to air circulation.