Got Funk With Your Junk? Revitalize Your Storage Space with Ozone

    We’ve all experienced it — the distinct mustiness in thrift stores and antique shops or that lingering musk that greets your winter coats after their summer hibernation. It’s a result of keeping clothes, upholstered furniture, cherished toys, artwork, and other belongings tucked away in dimly lit spaces with inadequate ventilation and inconsistent climate control.

    The Culprit: Airborne Mould Particles

    The reason behind the scent lies in where and how we store our belongings. Storage units, attics, and closets in basements are perfect breeding grounds for mould spores to thrive in dark, poorly ventilated environments, often accompanied by spikes in humidity. When airborne mould particles flourish in such conditions, they adhere to surfaces and emit that unmistakable musky odour. The scent you smell is simply the microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOCs) released by these moulds.

    Many storage areas become breeding grounds for mould and musky odours.

    Unlocking Freshness with Ozone Treatment

    “Ozone treatment” is rapidly becoming a buzzword and a popular solution among homeowners and property managers. Through oxidation, ozone treatment tackles mould head-on, breaking down the chemical compounds responsible for those lingering odours. All it usually takes is a single seasonal session of about an hour to refresh your storage area and its contents.

    Ozone treatment offers a natural, effective alternative, unlike traditional methods involving chemical treatments from dry cleaners, which can leave behind unwanted residues.

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    Unboxing clothes from storage.

    The Ozone Solution: Elevating Indoor Environments

    Wood’s Airmaster series ozone generators, including our Airmaster WOZ400 (w/ analogue controls) and the Airmaster WOZ500 (w/ digital display), are a popular choice for providing both individuals and businesses with a valuable storage solution for cleaner, fresher indoor environments. They are lightweight and portable, allowing them to be used in other areas that need to be freshened up, like cars, caravans, garages, basements, summer cottages, cabins, and more!

    Storage areas remain clean and fresh with periodic ozone treatments.

    For over 90 years, Wood’s has been at the forefront of developing, manufacturing and distributing award-winning air mitigation products. Today, our reach is in over 30 countries worldwide.


    Wood's Airmaster Series Ozone Generators

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