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    Forward Thinking Hotels Offering Guests These New Accommodations

    Tens of millions of travellers every year stay at hotels. Unfortunately, they bring along their allergies and asthma, which is why more and more hotels are coming up with new ways of accommodating their guests.


    Standard accommodations include bedding without down feathers and milk-free or lactose-free menu options at their breakfast. Today, there is an increase in hotels offering air mitigation devices that are either included in rooms or can be requested by guests for a significantly better night’s rest.

    One such device is an air purifier.

    The other is a humidifier.

    Wood’s Vienna HSW100 is a powerful humidifier capable of quickly raining humidity levels in a large hotel suite or dining area up to 200 m2. This evaporative humidifier implements quiet operation and an anti-microbial filter to keep bacteria and other adverse microorganisms from circulating in the air. Its main purpose is to remedy the symptoms that dry air causes, e.g., dry skin, sinus problems, bloody noses, and cracked lips. A humidifier also adds relief to those suffering from a cold and congestion. During the winter months, when the relative humidity (RH) drops below 40%, nasal passages start to dry out, making it more difficult for our cilia to filter out bacteria, germs, dust, and pathogens and prevent them from entering your respiratory system.

    Why an evaporative humidifier? Why not an ultra-sonic?

    Although ultrasonic humidifiers have become popular due to their small size, ultra-quiet operation, and can feature attractive displays, they also have their shortcomings.

    To use an ultra-sonic humidifier correctly, it should only be filled with distilled water. That means water that contains no minerals. The problem is that most people need an abundance of distilled water lying around. Considering the small sizes of consumer ultra-sonic humidifiers today, one may need to refill the unit every few hours, depending on the speed of vapour expulsion and reservoir size.

    An evaporative humidifier like the Vienna HSW100 only requires regular tap water. Its anti-microbial filter also captures minerals, so what is released is a purified mist.

    The power of a hotel review

    The most compelling reasons hotels constantly improve their quality and accommodations are because of crowd-sourced reviews. People who have uninterrupted sleep will most likely be reoccurring customers and customers who write positive reviews on their hotel stays.

    Wood's Vienna HSW100 humidifer

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