Dry laundry at least 55% more energy-efficiently with a dehumidifier

    When the magazine Villalivet, Sweden’s largest villa magazine, tested which method is the most energy-efficient for drying laundry indoors, Wood’s dehumidifier was the best in the test. The test was carried out by washing 4 kg of cotton towels at 40 degrees and drying them in equivalent conditions at three different room temperatures. In addition to Wood’s drying room dehumidifier, the test included tumble dryers, drying cabinets and heating fans*. The test results clearly show that drying laundry with an LD40 drying room dehumidifier saves 55-587% compared to other methods.

    Here is what the newspaper Villalivet has to say regarding the test results:
    The very best in terms of energy is the dehumidifier Wood’s LD40 with the heat pump tumbler and the heat pump drying cabinet in second place. The heat pump tumbler and the heat pump drying cabinet consumed an average of 55% more energy than the dehumidifier.” Read the full test here.”



    When electricity prices skyrocket, households look for ways to save on energy

    In a basement or in the winter, when it’s cold, it can take an incredibly long time to dry laundry by letting it hang. Drying cabinets and dryers have long been the solution, but with today’s electricity prices, it is becoming unsustainable. With Wood’s dehumidifier LD40, you can dry laundry gently and energy-efficiently. It uses 55% less energy than the nearest competitor. Additionally, it also blows out warm, dry air that raises the heat in the space and dehumidifies it to an optimal level. The LD40, made in Sweden, has the market’s longest guarantees, up to 10 years!



    About Wood’s drying room dehumidifier

    Drying room dehumidifiers from Wood’s are specially developed to blow dry the laundry while dehumidifying the air. Drying laundry with a dehumidifier is suitable for the entire home, as the moisture from the laundry is taken care of and does not cause condensation and other moisture-related problems.

    Drying room dehumidifiers are the best option

    Drying the laundry indoors without transporting away the generated moisture can lead to moisture damage, mould, foul and musty odours and a deterioration of the indoor climate. Outdoor drying is relatively rarely an option in colder climates (and many also opt out of it even in summer due to pollen allergies). Another advantage of drying room dehumidifiers is no wear and tear on clothes and textiles. Here you can read more tips for drying laundry sustainably indoors.

    * Based on the average value between the three different room temperatures in the tests, the average value in energy consumption for the LD40 is 0.97 kWh; – 50 per cent below the heat pump tumbler, coming in second place.