Indoor environment

    Cleaner air for a safer indoor climate

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    As a comprehensive company in air care, improving indoor climate, Wood’s always starts from fact-based data when tracking, and then solving its customers’ problems. With a long history, the company has accumulated solid and unique expertise and is today one of the Nordic region’s leading suppliers of air care.

    Wood’s comprehensive product range includes ozone decontamination solutions, air purification, dehumidification, humidification, and cooling. A comprehensive range of solutions that can be tailored and adapted to the customer’s needs. Wood’s is aimed at consumers, companies, and organizations; everything from industries, warehouses, hospitals, and workshops, to workplaces and other types of businesses that need to gain control of or improve their indoor environment.

    – Our focus is on creating as good an indoor climate as possible. During the pandemic, our air purifiers and ozone generators have eliminated particles, bacteria, viruses, and pollutants, creating a cleaner indoor air quality for our customers. We believe that these needs and a focus on providing a safe, indoor climate as possible will be of interest in the future as well, says business area manager, Andreas Söderholm.

    In addition to the vast and customized way of working that Wood’s has, they stand out in the market with their new air monitoring system as well as the innovation ProMoRe® Air Quality Monitor. The system provides the conditions for an optimal implementation with point treatment of areas, according to the right conditions for the customer. ProMoRe® enables data to be tracked in real-time, which in the next step allows Wood’s to conclude on ventilation, high or low humidity, high particulate matter, gases, or anything else that affects the indoor climate. With this overall control over the air, Wood’s can propose relevant efforts and comprehensive solutions to eliminate problems in a sustainable, affordable, and qualitative way.

    The goal is for all Wood’s products to be able to be connected to the ProMoRe® system, which means that the entire range of products will be able to be monitored and controlled.

    – We want to be a destination and source of expertise for questions and needs regarding the indoor environment and indoor climate. The air we breathe is and will be of great importance in the future. If we can be involved and contribute to a better indoor climate, we feel that we are doing good, not only now but also for future generations. Around the world, Swedish products are known for quality and sustainability, a legacy we are proud to carry on, Andreas concludes.