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    Clean air is important for good health!

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    In our society, there is a high degree of awareness about eating right and moving to stay healthy but relatively less that reflects on the air we breathe. “That we have such clean air in Sweden is true to some degree, with modification. There is a high level of dust, particles, and pollen, not least indoors “, points out Rickard Sohlin, sales manager for the Nordics at Wood’s.

    The air in our homes is affected by the air outdoors. And it is full of various forms of particles, pollutants, pollen, and dust. When it enters our homes, the conditions do not get better. “Since we in many ways have energy-efficient houses that are both tight and encapsulated, it affects the air quality. And it can lead to several problems, “explains Sohlin. The Swedish Public Health Agency’s publication Environmental Health Report 2017 states in a survey that 20 percent claim that they have health issues related to the indoor environment in the home, school, or workplace.

    “Ingestion of the indoor environment means that you have at least once a week any of the following symptoms: Fatigue, headaches, irritated eyes, irritated nose, cough or hoarseness; and that they are assumed to be due to the indoor environment (Table 4.3). Certain problems occur much more often when staying at work and/or at school compared to at home, such as fatigue and headaches.”

    Air purifiers are an effective solution

    An easy and effective way to improve air quality in the home is to use an air purifier.

    – There are both wall-mounted and mobile variants. If you choose a wall mount, a tip is to place it under a window. When it comes to portable variants, you have to think about the placement to get the least possible impact on space and movement.

    Another thing to keep in mind is to place the air purifier in the room where you spend the most time. “In most cases, it’s the bedroom. It is also important to treat only one space at a time. This means that if you set the air purifier in your bedroom, close the door during the night to get maximum effect. For many who, for example, have hypersensitivity to pollen, there is a significant difference to wake up in a room where an air purifier has processed the air during the night. You simply wake up in a room with clean air. The body gets time to recover and you get a good start to the day “, Sohlin explains.

    Patented technology for best results

    Wood’s air purifiers are based on patented technology that gives a very good result. “Our air purifier has two different filters; a particulate filter that attracts dust and pollen, among other things, and a carbon filter that reduces gas and odors in the air in the room where you use the equipment.”

    The patented technology is simply based on the air that is sucked into the air purifier being ionized, which means that particles become static, and thus easily get stuck in the particle filter. “The filter acts as a magnet and attracts the particles which thus stay in the air filter. The method is extremely effective and superior to other technologies “, emphasizes Sohlin.

    How effective the technology is in Wood's air purifiers

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