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    Choose the right AC and prepare for the hot season right now

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    When the heat comes, it’s nice to spend lazy days on the beach and balmy evenings outdoors. But when you want to sleep and the house or apartment is like a sauna, then it is not as pleasant. Having it too hot indoors often causes sleep problems causing you to be so tired during the day that you can not even appreciate the nice summer weather. With an Air Conditioner, you can easily, quietly, and energy-efficiently get a comfortable temperature indoors, even during the summer heatwaves, so you can sleep well at night and enjoy life even on the hottest days.

    The difference between a fan and AC – choose the right product for your needs

    A fan circulates the air indoors, but it does nothing at all about the temperature. If it is warm indoors, a fan can blow around the hot air, which can make the indoor climate less nauseating, but the air temperature remains unchanged. An AC or air conditioner makes the air colder. It contains a special cooling medium that removes the heat from the air and leads it out of the house via a hose. With an AC, you lower the air temperature and get a comfortable temperature indoors; something that is especially nice at night. It is also important not to let sunlight and heat into the house on hot days. Here, simple means such as awnings and blinds are a good complement to air conditioning.

    Many – not least the elderly, toddlers and pets – suffer from the heat

    The summers of recent years have offered long periods with very high temperatures. When this happens, the heat accumulates in the walls and interiors, and no matter how you ventilate, it does not get cooler. Many people suffer from the heat, especially when they go to sleep. For older people and small children, it is extra difficult; and for the elderly, it can be dangerous. Even pets suffer from the heat. Large dogs and long-haired cats can especially feel bad and in the worst case, suffer from heatstroke. With an AC, you can regulate the indoor temperature and create a comfortable and healthy air temperature, around the clock. Do not forget the simple tricks that help keep the heat down in the house: Keep windows and doors closed, pull blinds and curtains, and lower the awnings if any.

    The right AC for the right room – full flexibility without fixed installation

    A portable AC does not need a fixed installation. Just plug in the power outlet and you can always move your AC to the room that is most needed at the moment. The warm air is easily led out through a window or a balcony door with the help of a smart window kit. Depending on how big a room or how big an apartment you have, there are many different models to choose from. The smaller the room, the less AC you need, but a tip is not to undersize. Choose a model with good, robust, wheels so that it is easy to move and check the sound level and environmental properties of the refrigerant that the appliance contains. You also need to consider how much sunlight there is in the room where you will have your AC. If it is south facing and large windows, a more powerful AC is needed than if it is north facing and shady.

    The most important features to look at when choosing AC

    Capacity is important; it depends on how large a space the AC is to be used in – and how much sunlight enters through the windows. If you choose a model that is too small, the AC device must work at full power to lower the temperature and this often makes it louder and also draws an unnecessary amount of energy. Choose a model that has the right capacity for your needs. Another important feature is, of course, the sound level. Especially at night, the AC you choose must be quiet. Preferably choose an AC whose lowest and highest sound levels are between 53 and 64dB (such as Wood’s Cortina Silent 12K, one of the quietest ACs on the market). In addition, you should check the type of refrigerant your AC contains. To comply with EU environmental directives, it should be HFC-free (= freon-free). Ideally, the refrigerant should be a gas called R-290. It is the latest gas and it has the best environmental properties, better capacity, and higher energy efficiency compared to other gases.

    Checklist for choosing the right AC:

    • Capacity – is it enough for the room you want to cool down?
    • Sound level – is it between 53 and max 65dB?
    • Contains the environmentally friendly refrigerant R290
    • Direct installation, i.e., just to connect the cord and start?
    • Smart window kit for dissipating hot air?
    • Wheels – is the AC easy to move between different rooms?
    • Remote control and good timer function
    Wood’s AC Cortina Silent 12K has been voted Best in Test two years in a row

    Aftonbladet named Wood’s model Cortina Silent 12K the Best in Test, both 2019 and 2020. Thanks to high quality, versatility, user-friendliness, and good environmental properties, this flexible AC is at the top of the best-seller list. In addition, the Cortina Silent 12K - as the name suggests - is one of the quietest models available!

    To the product

    Choose Wood’s and get all our collective knowledge on the purchase

    Wood’s is an all-Swedish company with extensive knowledge of the weather, air, and climate conditions. You can feel confident that our products are adapted to your needs, and that we live up to the high demands on the quality that you deserve and expect.

    Our combined expert knowledge and large presence in the market means that we can support our customers, help with choosing the right products and ensure that you get the best possible results from the product you choose.

    The right product for the right problem – Wood’s shows the way

    Wood’s has a wide range of products and solutions for everything related to the indoor environment and air care, including a comprehensive selection of AC / air conditioning, for all rooms and needs.

    Here you can read more about Wood’s different models of AC. You can be sure that there is one that suits you.