Energy saving tip

    Energy-Efficient Alternative to Air-To-Air Heat Pump

    Difficult to get an air-to-air heat pump to save energy? Choose a removable Cortina Silent 12K Duo from Wood’s and start saving money today!

    Right now, many people want to invest in new, more energy-efficient heating options for the house. There is a shortage of air-to-air heat pumps; if you find one, it is next to impossible to find an installer. It is a matter of waiting times of 4-6 months. If you want to start heating your house more energy-efficiently today, you can choose an AC Cortina Silent 12K Duo – it is just as good at heating as it is at cooling.

    There are many advantages to choosing a portable AC for heating:

    • No installation required. Just plug in the cord and start
    • It is movable and can be placed where it is most needed at the moment
    • Good heating effect: A full 3000W out at 1000W energy consumption
    • Low energy consumption, only 1.1 kWh/hour in normal use
    • Effectively heats spaces of up to 35 m2
    • Powerful airflow that spreads the hot air efficiently
    • Effective air filter cleans the air and protects against dust
    • It is just as good for cold as it is for heat
    • Refrigerant with good environmental properties, R290

    Here you can buy your AC Cortina Silent 12K Duo today. You can also buy online or find a dealer here.