Customer case story

    A Healthier Warehouse Environment Offers Many Benefits

    Hööks is a leader throughout Scandinavia in selling products aimed at the rider, horse, dog handler, and dog. They have 61 stores throughout the Nordic region and conduct e-commerce in this region, the Netherlands, and other parts of the EU.

    Common challenges

    Respiratory protection (air cleaning) is a necessary supplement to PPE (personal protective equipment) for warehouse workers.

    Like many similar environments, Annika Toresson, Warehouse Manager at Hööks, became aware of the issue with the high level of ambient particles and TVOC levels at her facility, contributing to a dirty storage area, affecting both workers and their business processes. Knowing how air purification encourages a healthier, cleaner environment would also reduce the use of plastic on their products.

    Annika reached out to Wood’s Professional for a consultation to learn more information about their indoor environment, air cleaning solutions, and receive a quote.

    Wood’s Professional air quality experts set up a trial installation. Through strategically placed Guardian AQMs (measuring stations), Annika and the team at Wood’s were able to identify critical contamination points by cause and location.

    Hööks headquarters

    Hööks headquarters

    “Wood’s Professional was with us at every step and developed an optimal solution!” – Annika Toresson, Warehouse Manager at Hööks


    • Scandinavian leading retailer in equestrian and canine-related products.
    • 61 stores throughout the Nordic region along with e-commerce throughout parts of the EU.
    • 6600 + 3400 m2 facility in Borås, Sweden. (Lower + upper floor).

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    Discovery and Solution

    Along with elevated particle counts, high TVOC levels emitted in the unpacking stations were detected due to the off gassing of opened boxes originating from the Far East.

    After the initial overview the AQMs gave us of the environment, a plan was created, including suggestions for minimizing contamination levels by centralizing an area for unpacking, adjustments and changes to the ventilation, and implementing dedicated air cleaners.

    One large WPL 2300 air filtration system unit and four mobile PAL 310’s units were ordered and installed in the unpacking station, along with an additional WPL 2300 in another facility area.

    The flagship in air filtration

    The WPL-2300 is Wood’s Professional’s flagship model of industrial air cleaners, featuring a patented filter technique. It is specially designed to offer easy filter replacements by the end-user to save the customer time and money, including adding a layer of security.

    Key Features of the WPL 2300

    Multi-stage filtration

    By utilizing our system’s “smart airflow” at your facility, a more homogeneous temperature is achieved, which implies heating in buildings with high ceilings can be lowered and money saved.

    Unprecedented combination of CADR

    High airflow with low noise level.

    Ideal for large spaces

    Developed specifically for warehouses and logistics facilities.

    Fortified with ProMore

    Installed IoT/ProMore technology to monitor, identify accurately, measure, and report different types of air quality data (PM 10, PM 2.5, and PM1 particle counts, CO2, TVOC, temperature, and humidity). It also features extra sensors for overseeing the maintenance of the system itself.

    Ease of maintenance/filter changes

    The unit sends a message when it is time for a filter change, which is promptly sent to the customer.

    Smart inlet design

    The inlet vent is situated above truck and pallet guard rails (safety barriers), so the airflow is not obstructed.

    Wood's WPL 2300

    Wood’s WPL 2300 inside Hööks warehouse.


    Annika says, “Wood’s Professional was with us at every step and developed an optimal solution”.

    After the installation, she and her team immediately noticed better air quality up on the 2nd floor. Also seen was a reduction in TVOC and particle counts, reducing the dust created at these points and improving the appearance of parcels.

    Annika believes they will benefit significantly from their investment through increased staff well-being and productivity in the long run.

    Annika is most impressed by the service and “commitment to satisfaction” by Wood’s Professional. Presently, additional WPL 2300 units are planned to be implemented at their packing stations, where much dust and ambient particles are created. They are also testing several newer products in development from Wood’s Professional in other areas of the warehouse.

    Four PAL 310 air filtration units along with a WPL 2300 (far right) provided by Wood’s Professional to an unpacking station inside Hööks warehouse.