Wood’s DSC-70ES

A powerful dehumidifier with air pipe and water pump.

Wood’s DSC-70ES is an incredibly powerful dehumidifier that is developed especially for large crawl spaces and basements. Wood’s DSC-70ES has many clever features that, combined with great capacity and airflow, will give you a complete protection against moisture, damp, mildew and mould.

  • Up to 280 sqm
  • For divided crawl spaces and basements
  • Automatic water pump
  • Automatic restart after power failure
  • Works down to +1°C
  • Air pipe for divided areas
  • Efficient air filter
  • Very high capacity
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Wood’s DSC-70ES is an incredibly powerful dehumidifier with a maximum capacity of 75 litres per day! It is built to handle large and demanding environments. It is also especially suitable for colder areas, thanks to the high capacity down to 0°C. Wood’s DSC-70ES is easy to use and will quickly lower the humidity, wherever you use it. This powerful and energy efficient dehumidifier is the best choice for large areas like crawl spaces.

Wood’s DSC-70ES is equipped with a pump for automatic water drainage, perfect for when there is a distance between the dehumidifier and the drain. This also means that you can leave the dehumidifier without maintenance, all you need to do is set desired humidity. After that the dehumidifier will handle itself!

You can also attach an air pipe to the dehumidifier and lead the dry air to another room or area, perfect for large basements or crawl spaces with several rooms.


Maximum area 280 m²
Recommended area 10-180 m²
Air flow 450 m³/h
Capacity (at 20ºC & 70% RH) 33 litres / day
Capacity (at 35ºC & 80% RH) 72 litres / day
Power (at 20ºC & 70% RH) 630 W (about 15 kWh per day)
Max power (vid 35ºC & 80% RF) 830 W (about 19,9 kWh per day)
Working interval temperature +1 to +35ºC
Fan speeds 1
Water tank volume Hose only (automatic water pump)
Hose connection Yes (10 mm)
Air filter Washable
Dimensions 450x410x620 mm
Weight 33,5 kg
Sound level About 58 dB
Refrigerant, freon free R410A (430 g)
IP-rating IP21 (X1)