Wood’s WLD75

Wood’s WLD75 is a wall mounted laundry dehumidifier, developed for common drying rooms and laundries. The WLD75 has an integrated heater that increases the room temperature, making sure that the laundry dries quicker. The Wood’s WLD75 is a better alternative than drying cabinets as a dehumidifier dries laundry quickly, energy saving and without tear.

  • For laundry and common drying rooms
  • Wall mounted
  • Automatic water pump for water drainage
  • Dries laundry quickly and without wear
  • Integrated heater shortens the drying time
  • Effective air filter
  • Digital control panel
  • Automatic controls
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Avfuktning (vid 20°C & 60% RF) 38 liter per dygn
Avfuktning (vid 30°C & 80% RF) 75 liter per dygn
Effekt (vid 20°C & 60% RF) 700 W
Maxeffekt (vid 32°C & 90% RF) 950 W
Effekt värmelement 2 kW
Luftgenomströmning 1000 m³/h
Ljudnivå 52 dB
Slanganslutning Ja (3/4")
Mått 710 x 660 x 355 mm
Vikt 52 kg
Kylmedia R410a