Wood’s DS15F replaced by DSC50FM

Our most popular dehumidifier for crawl spaces.







Thanks to its powerful airflow, the DS15F is an ideal dehumidifier for crawl spaces. DS15F is very easy to install and use, and can easily circulate the air and dry out the entire crawl space. DS15F is our most sold dehumidifier for crawl spaces and is an easy, inexpensive and efficient way to prevent moisture problems in your crawl space or house foundation.

  • Up to 100 sqm.
  • Hose connection for direct water drainage
  • For crawl spaces, basements, attics and garages
  • Up to 6 years warranty
  • Works only when needed
  • Robust castors
  • Automatic restart after a power failure
  • Automatic defrost
  • 10,4 litres water tank
  • Robust and reliable
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Apart from crawl spaces, the DS15F is also great for basements, summerhouses, garages, attics and other areas up to 100 m².

Wood’s DS15F has an accurate humidistat and will automatically shut off when set humidity level is reached. If the humidity level rises, the DS15F will automatically restart. A humidity controlled dehumidifier is an efficient, energy saving and reliable protection against moisture and mould.

A dehumidifier in the crawl space

Wood’s DS15F fits open crawl spaces where the temperature doesn’t fall below +5°C. Thanks to its powerful airflow, the DS15F will provide you with a safe and reliable protection against mould, damp, mildew and moisture.

  • Use a water hose for direct drainage. This way, you don’t have to empty the water bucket.
  • Use a hygrometer to set the dehumidifier and to monitor the humidity level from your house. We recommend the crawl space hygrometer SS-7002.
  • Close all ventilators in the house foundation. Open ventilators means that moist air can enter the crawl space from outside, causing the dehumidifier to work unnecessarily often.
  • In many cases it is beneficial to cover the ground with construction plastic in order to minimize moisture from the ground.
  • Keep a relative humidity level between 50-60% to prevent damp and mould problems!
  • Shut the dehumidifier off if the temperature drops below +5°C. At such low temperatures the air doesn’t hold as much moisture and by shutting it off you avoid icing of the dehumidifier.


Maximum area 100 m²
Recommended area 10-60 m²
Air flow 256 - 520 m³/h
Capacity (at 20ºC & 70% RH) 6,7 litres / day
Capacity (at 35ºC & 80% RH) 12 litres / day
Power (at 20ºC & 70% RH) 180 W (about 4,3 kWh per day)
Max power (vid 35ºC & 80% RF) 240 W (about 5,8 kWh per day)
Working interval temperature +5 to +35ºC
Fan speeds 2
Water tank volume 10,4 litres
Hose connection Yes (3/4")
Air filter SMF-filter, replaceable
Art. no replacement filter 8012804
Dimensions 343x406x527 mm
Weight 22 kg
Sound level 38-58 dB
Refrigerant, freon fre R134A (170 g)
IP-rating IP21 (X1)