Wood’s Chem Control Carbon filter

Remove odour and gas with Wood’s effective carbon filters

Wood’s Chem Control Carbon Filters are made in Germany of excellent quality carbon. The Chem Control Carbon filters are used to remove smoke, gas and odour from the household air. Containing high densities of active carbon,

Wood’s Chem Control Carbon Filters provide a long-lasting, reliable and highly efficient filtration capacity.

Wood’s Chem Control Carbon Filter is available with different amounts of carbon (a higher amount of carbon means a longer lasting filter) for the ELFI 300 and ELFI 900 air purifiers.

  • Remove smoke, gas and odour
  • High quality carbon
  • High carbon density = long-lasting filter
  • Available for Wood's ELFI300 & Wood's ELFI900
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How carbon filtration works:

The contaminated air passes through the adsorbent (the carbon). When the gas molecules pass through the microscopic pores in the adsorbent they are adsorbed onto the surfaces through physical bonding (molecular attraction forces).

This is called adsorption.