Test winning dehumidifiers from Woods

SP has carried out tests on dehumidifiers. The top places were taken by two powerful products from Woods.

SP (the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute) performed the testing on behalf of Villaliv, a Swedish lifestyle magazine. Characteristics such as dehumidifying capacity and efficiency, energy consumption, convenience and sound level were evaluated.

“We are extremely proud to learn that two of our products ranked so highly in the testing,” says Rickard Sohlin, Marketing Manager for TES Scandinavia AB, and continues to say that the company is constantly striving to develop robust and efficient products.

“Our dehumidifiers undergo continuous testing and are fine-tuned to always provide the best efficiency.”

Efficient dehumidifiers reduce drying time

During July and August 2016 SP tested six models on behalf of Villaliv. They dicovered that consumers can easily be misled by the large number of available products. The model that came out best in test was the Woods ED-50, with the Woods MRD-20 in second place.

“These are among our premium machines, that are really efficient, reliable and a good choice for use in cellars, laundry rooms or other large areas that require dependable products,” says Mr Sohlin, and adds that it is vital to choose the right dehumidifier for the right job.

Automatic operations

A really good dehumidifier can dry laundry in 1–2 hours, thus replacing a drying cabinet or tumble dryer, while keeping the cellar dry and the house healthy and comfortable. The test winner, Woods ED-50, only comes into operation when the ambient humidity exceeds a permitted value, and switches off when it is not necessary for it to run.

“This means that it is an energy-efficient dehumidifier that looks after itself,” says Mr Sohlin.

The testing was performed by SP on behalf of Villaliv, and was carried out on two occasions, at two different temperatures. The report was released on 29 August 2016 and its document identification is 6P05187.

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Read more about the test at villalivet.se